*NEW* Licensed Vitamin D Product

We wanted to alert you about a new large animal licensed injectable vitamin D product that has recently come onto the market in the UK. As you know, it has been a few years since we have had a licensed product and we have been reliant on completing an SIC online with the VMD before buying through our veterinary wholesalers - not a big deal, just an extra hoop to jump through. It is called Belavit AD3E. From the point of view of veterinary medicines legislation, this means that this should be the product of preference from now on since we are supposed to use products licensed in the UK before using products that need to be imported. 
This is the comparison of the two products:


Belavit AD3E (per ml)

Hipravit ADE (per ml)

Vitamin D (cholecalciferol)

100,000 IU

75,000 IU

Vitamin A (retinol palmitate)

300,000 IU

500,000 IU

Vitamin E (a tocopherol acetate)



Recommended prophylactic dose for camelids: at 1000 IU/kg 

[repeat every 2 months Oct-April]

0.1ml per 10kg BW

0.13ml per 10kg BW

Recommended treatment dose, at 2000 IU/kg

[repeat after one month]

0.2ml per 10kg BW

0.26ml per 10kg BW

One advantage of the new product of course is the vitamin D content resulting in easier numbers for dosing, but it will be important to stress to owners the new dosing regimen is based on using a higher concentration product as they have a tendency to remember one dose and continue to use it!
Vitamin D overdose is a serious concern and can have serious consequences. There is one publication in the literature discussing the case of a female alpaca that died from a ruptured renal artery due to calcification in the wall of the vessel - this female had been dosed at around 6300 IU/kg.