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Medicines for Camelids  

Given the shortage of medicines currently licensed for use in camelids in the UK, we strongly advise that you use some form of disclaimer/consent form printed on your practice letterhead. BVCS have compiled a document providing some guidance on the issue, but this should be tailored to the needs of the individual practice. 
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Please note it is still the responsibility of the vet to find out the most appropriate medicines and dosages for use in camelids before using an unlicensed product; since not all medications used in food producing species are safe to use in camelids.

Information available to members 
Members of the BVCS have direct access to many of the papers forming the proceedings of our annual meetings in addition to detailed information about camelids including: 
  • Code of Welfare 
  • Farm Biosecurity 
  • Basic Camelid Facts - a comprehensive overview of anatomy, physiology, vital signs, nutrition, reproduction, sedation/GA, routine procedures, useful drugs and administration, common illnesses, parasites 
  • Field Anaesthesia 
  • Tuberculosis 
  • Poisonous plants 
  • Pre-purchase inspection form 
  • Castration Anaesthesia and Procedure Video (More to be added soon!)
In addition to the website, there is a lively online discussion group for the posing of queries and the sharing of experiences.
The society also holds annual conferences and the proceedings of each year's conference are published, together forming an important body of knowledge.
The sharing of information is an important benefit of membership of the BVCS. There is a lively online chat group in which questions are asked and experiences discussed. The proceedings of each year's conference are published and together form an important body of knowledge too. Copies of the proceedings are available for purchase from the secretary, and are available online for members to view or download.

Why apply for membership of the British Veterinary Camelid Society? 
Membership of the BVCS is deliberately kept at a modest level, just sufficient to cover administrative costs.
This is to prevent exclusion on cost grounds, of any veterinary professionals who have an interest in camelids.
Attendance at the annual BVCS conference is restricted to members.
Membership allows access to the members area of the web site, containing much useful information such as all proceedings of past conferences from 1994 onwards, drug formulary, case studies, videos etc.
All members have the option to join the discussion forum, an extremely useful tool for the posing of questions and the sharing of information.

Further Qualifications 

The CPD Unit at Liverpool University Veterinary School will be offering the Camelid CertAVP. 
More Details can be found HERE: